2005 Honda Accord EX Radio Display

Suddenly, the radio display on my girlfriend’s '05 Honda Accord EX went dark. The radio still worked, but no display. Based on previous experience, I disconnected the battery for 30+ seconds and reconnected it. Well, now the radio doesn’t work at all because it needs the security code number, and there’s no way to put in the number because the display doesn’t work - perfect. I know the Honda dealer will want to swap the radio for another for major dollars, but maybe there’s a reset for the radio I don’t know about, or some such. I couldn’t find a service bulletin about this, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Any input is appreciated.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Don’t do anything yet. Is this Honda still under warranty???

OK if not consider replacing the radio with an after market radio. Check out




If the car is still under warranty she might be able to get a new radio for free. If not, you have two choices: Pay the dealer for the code (or a new radio), or buy and install an aftermarket head unit.

You should NOT disconnect the battery on a late-model car unless you’re sure you have the security code. No code, no radio.

Ebay is a great place to find a used unit to replace your possibly quite cheaply.

I fitted my mum’s Forester with a double din (opening) WRX OEM stereo for $100. The best part was it matched interior and has a 6 disc changer, cassette, AM/FM all in one unit which I have never seen after aftermarket.

This was a common problem with 03 and 04 accords. Honda extended the warranty on those radio’s to 7 years or 100,000 miles.( honda service bulletin 04-027 ) It sounds as if the 05 accord has the same problem.

I would go to the dealer and request a goodwill repair.