CD player 'disappeared' after transmission work

2003 Honda Accord V6 - needed transmission rebuilt at 115k miles - after work TCS rocker control was not functioning - new button ordered and replaced - got car back and decided to finish listening to audio book in the CD player (6 disc in dash) - it appears there is no longer a CD player - cannot access it - pushing mode button yields FM1,FM2,AM,FM1… I can hear the discs humming as if they are changing or something. We tried disconnecting the battery to disable everything and start fresh, replaced the fuse (didn’t think they would work but tried anyway.) The mechanics are baffled and I cannot listen to my book or remove the discs to listen elsewhere… HELP

Sometimes when a battery is disconnected the radio will lock up. It’s a safety feature so thieves cannot use the radio/cd. Call the dealer or visit and the radio/cd might be unlocked by punching in a code or sequence.

I had a radio like that too. It came in a used VW I purchased. The manufacturer wanted me to pay for a code to unlock my own radio! I ended up throwing it out.

Where is the TCS switch located? If it’s in the dash near the radio, the mechanic may have knocked out a plug or pulled a wire out of a connector when he/she was replacing the switch.

In our Acura there is a code in the owner’s manual to unlock the radio and nav system after a battery disconnect.

If you have working radio, the problem is not lack of a code.

Disconnecting the battery to ‘reboot’ the radio was the logical thing to do in this situation.

Does the eject button work, or can you add another CD (one you don’t care about) to try to get it back into its cycle?

If you have access to the radio, you should not need a code for the CD player. If you want to try using the code, just go to the Honda web site and follow the links for the radio code. Here’s the link: