Radiator fan won't shut off Buick encore 2017

Hello everyone!

I have a 2017 Buick Encore , with about 114k miles on it. I have this issue that comes and goes . It started last summer where occasionally the what I believe is the radiator fan won’t shut off even after the car is off. I have left it going for over an hour and still was going. I end up unhooking the battery and reattaching when I have to leave. I’ve tried pulling every Fan fuse I can find and nothing. The temperature seems fine right in the middle.

I have noticed it only tends to do it on super hot days , like today it’s 90 degrees out . And never does it during the winter.

I had maintenance done on it and fixed everything they found but unfortunately this issue still is happening.

Any suggestions?!


what do you mean by maintenance done? did they do anything with the radiator fans or the temp sensor?

This happened last summer too before I ever got maintenance on it. They just did a tune up , replaced spark plugs and such.

At the time that I took it to the shop this issue had stopped because it was during the winter so I didn’t even think to bring it up to them.

its possible the temp sensor is going bad and causing it to read wrong and keeping it on.is the check engine light on? do you have any codes?

No check engine , no codes. As of yet . It’s only happened twice this season since it started getting warm outside so far

when you shut the car off when this happens do you here the coolant bubbling in the overflow tank?

Nope , I only hear the fan .

the only thing i can think of is a faulty temp sensor thats telling your fans that the engine is hotter than it really is. maybe the other guys will have better info for this problem.

the only other thing i can think of is a faulty fan relay that is doing it intermittently

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that is likely where I would start.


Which one?

The high speed or low speed fan relay?


I should be able to replace those myself relatively easily right ?

Yes, they just plug in. They’re usually in a black plastic case under the hood. When you remove the lid to the plastic case, there’s usually a label on the underside of the lid listing which relay is where. I usually swap a like relay (a relay that has the exact same numbers printed on it) from some other accessory. If the problem persists, it’s not the relay and you didn’t waste money on new relays.

I agree it’s most likely a relay. But it could also be a temp sensor. Maybe even something else. You might be able to get help finding the relays, but they or it needs to be properly diagnosed as malfunctioning before you replace parts randomly. You might get lucky or you might start throwing perfectly good parts at it causing unnecessary expense.

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