Radiator cooling fan

1990 elect fan. I have replaced the cooling sensor and all relays, the fans will not turn on when hot. they worked before I replaced switch and relays…

HELP!!! John

Back to the old ones, one at a time so you will know which one doesn’t work.

Is it overheating? If not, then don’t worry about it. Your engine has to get very hot before it comes on. In many climates, they never come on. During the many years I owned it, the electric cooling fan on my 1988 Buick came on exactly once, while climbing a steep pass near Death Valley in the middle of August.

I ran the car after replacing the equipment and the car got very hot and started to stall
I shut it off before it stalled out.

I tried the old one andthe fan now just stays on! ???

Hmm… have you changed the thermostat? I believe the temp. switch for the fan is on the radiator, so if the thermostat is stuck closed, your car can still overheat but there won’t be enough hot coolant getting to the radiator to turn the fan on. A bad water pump could also have the same effect.

No, the switch is on the thermastat houseing. The water pump is ok you can see the water moving in the radiator

This is a '90 Seville right? My manual shows the switch in the radiator and that you have to remove the radiator, headlights, hood bracket and a lot of other stuff to change it. The part you’re thinking of is the coolant temp sensor, which is a variable resistance sender that tells the computer how hot the engine is. It’s a separate part from the electric fan temperautre switch, which is just an on/off thermostat. Your car may also have a third temp sensor for the gauge, too!

This is getting strange!!! I put in the old switch and the fan somes on!!

Weird!!! You say there is a switch on the radiator! I will look for that one tomorrow!! Thanks for your help Greasy!!! Nice to have chatted with you! what is your area?

Not the first time my advice has backfired.

how do you know its and I quote “This is a '90 Seville right?” from the OP ? or anywhere else on this post.

very interested too know? how that was done.

the best part of the whole senerio IS YOU JUST happen to have the manual(for a veh that is not even mentioned one time in the whole conversation.) hmmmm!!!

maybe ESP not sure though, let me get the manual,i just happen to have it right here .whew!

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The OP had another post right before this one asking about the information center in which he did mention it was a 1990 Seville. I don’t have a paper manual in front of me-- I looked it up on the car manual database on my local library’s website-- a very useful tool!

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Having a similar problem on a Chevy Corsica 1993; I’ve checked Haynes wiring diagrams; they don’t indicate a sensor/switch on the radiator, but the radiator was recently changed and the fan stopped running at that time. The relay works fine and the power wiring from the battery through the relay to the fan is fine.

How do you find these “on line” manuals? Can you check to see if there is a second temperature sensor/switch for me and tell me where it is located? Could it just be a computer problem or a wiring problem to the computer?