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Buick Encore Fan relay issue

I have a 2014 Buick Encore. Last night, the same issue that has happened to me three previous times in the past year happened a fourth time. After I turn the car off, the fan will continue to run after I’ve gotten out of the vehicle. The first time it happened, I must not have noticed it, so it completely drained my battery. I had to have the battery replaced, and a new fan relay switch put in. A couple months later, same exact thing happened again. Again, they replaced the fan relay switch. A couple months later it happened a 3rd time, I went back and lit them up and said they better find the underlying issue that is causing the relay switch to short 3 times. This time, they replaced the entire fuse box, which seemed to fix the problem because it has been a few months with no issues. Well, last night, it happened again. I came home, got out of my car, fan still running. This time, I disconnected the battery cable so it won’t drain my battery.

This has become VERY frustrating. The same issue now four times in the past year. I don’t understand what would cause this to happen.

My suggestion would be to check the current draw of the fan with an ammeter to see if it is within specs. The issue could be that it is drawing too much current which could cause the relay contacts to weld together.

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