Racing motor

We have a 2001 grand am and when the weather starts to get warm the motor just randomly starts to race. It has done this since we bought it a few years ago. The dealers cant seem to fix it. We have a suggestion of replacing the computer and seeing if that helps. Any ideas?

Don’t go to the Dealer! My gosh, they’ll either pacify you or nickel and dime you till you’re broke and never fix the problem in one visit. Find a good reputable, BBB recommended independant shop - not a convenience, 7/11 type corner store: a shop that wants to work on a car that isn’t under warranty. This can only be a sensor or computer problem, and I bet an honest shop will find one of the A/C sensors defective or questionable. OK, they will either find the problem in an A/C sensor or power steering sensor. Both of those accesories put a drag on the motor and have built in sensors to compensate for that load put on the motor.
If all else fails the ultimate way to go is contacting the local GM factory rep. The Dealership is either underskilled or overlooking a recall. Once the factory rep gets involved their working lives will be hell.