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07 Grand prix stalls and runs rough

2007 grand prix started fine ran 1 block then stalled . First it would not accellerate like bogging. Wouldn’t start again then did after serveral attempts but rand rough several minutes. No eng light. OK for 1 day. Last winter same thing. Dealer replaced MAP sensor said it was wet from condensation. OK 1 day then the same. Then it was OK for remainder of winter and summer until bad weather now.

Come on now, help me out.

“Dealer replaced MAP sensor said it was wet from condensation.”

Well, it the MAP sensor was wet from condensation, everything else under the hood was also wet from condensation. This is BOGUS. MAP sensors get condensation on them all the time, just like all the other sensors do. It doesn’t cause them to fail.

Go to another dealer. I’m assuming this car is still under warranty. There must be another Pontiac dealer within driving distance (at least for now).

I’ve had it to 2 dealers and spoken to a third. When it doesn’t do it while there, there is nothing they can do if there is no code. The first code was for a MAP sensor, so they replaced it. Like I said, it is doing it intermittently, and at this particular moment it is fine. Thats why I am asking this forum for suggestions as the dealers can’t find anything wrong. Thanks anyway for your comment, mcparadise.

Check for a loose battery cable connection at the battery.

I can only suggest that you bring it in after each event and make sure it gets recorded and you get a copy. Also read up on your state’s lemon law.

Be sure to note all the conditions when it happens, weather how long since last driven, how far you got before it started (time and distance) etc. Keep all this documentation.

This sounds a little like a fuel problem (fuel supply to the engine, or injection into the engine). The intermittent nature does make it more difficult to troubleshoot. If it not covered by warranty, you could take it to an independent shop.

When it doesn’t start, it cranks, not the battery.