My pontiac grand prix

Im having lots of trouble w my car. The mechanic has tried sensors after sensors, throttle body replacement, egr disconnected, etc. and cant find out whats wrong. Can anyone help??

You need to describe the problem. What does your car do that you want corrected? You said that a number of parts were replaced but did not tell us why you want it fixed.

i went to speed up and it just died on me twice so far. took it in because one day when i put it in drive it wouldnt move, wouldnt go forward or back. I put it in the shop and they have tried replaceing parts after parts and nothing works??

No one CAN help you until you tell the car’s year and engine, and if fuel injected or not. And, you need to tell what the problem is. What parts someone has tried is only of a little help. Give as much detail about the problem as you can.