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Grand Am 2001

Purchased Grand Am last year. It ran fine for about 7 months - then service engine started - one trip on -next nothing. Several codes when read. Eventually overheated and cracked both heads. Found water in the oil and fan not working. Engine rebuilt. No overheating issue now - stays at 205 once heated. Change oil light stays on all the time (changed twice and filter) after engine work. Once running for awhile the ABS,TRAC off, and service engine come on and stay on until shut off for awhile. ABS seems to occasionally kick in when it usually would not? Tried disconnecting battery to reset- no change. Only known oddity is fan rigged to ALWAYS be on at start to prevent future overheating. Has new water pump and air filter also.

Any ideas?

Holy crap. First of all this car is a lemon. If your state has a lemon law, look into what recovery for your expenditures might be recovered.
However, the ABS problem is due to a dirty or defunct wheel sensor. This is a completely separate system and you do not need to worry that your previous problems have anything to do with this. You should expect the repair to be as much as $600 and no higher.

Sounds like all you need now is to fix the ABS and reset your change oil light. To reset the light, turn the key on without cranking the engine and press the accelerator to the floor three times within five seconds of turning the key on. The change oil light will flash several times. Start the engine and it should be off. Your ABS, Trac Off, and Service Vehicle Soon lights are all for the same problem, which is most likely a wheel speed sensor (integrated into the wheel bearings in these cars) or chafed wiring for same. Both are very common on these cars. Pull the codes for the ABS and go from there.

thanks - will check sensor