Would like second opinion


2001 Sunfire, 4 door.

Several weeks ago, drivers window would go down, but sometimes would not go up. Had to wait 10 minutes or so, then it would go up an inch then had to wait again. Took to local shop neighbor recommended. From the description given, I was told its the power windoe motor. Later they said they checked it out and it was the motor. so, diagnostic fee + new motor+ labor = $$$

Couple weeks later, started doing the same thing again. Took it back to shop and told them about it. Was told if it does it again bring it back. Next day it did it again. Took it straight to shop.

1. Thet didn’t like it that I brought it in without an appontment.

2. They charged me a diagnostic fee again.

3. This time, was told its the switch.

4. $169 for switch, special order + labor.

I did not care for the diagnostic fee again considering they didn’t get it right the first time. I had their word for it, it was the window motor to begin with. They should have gotten it right the first time.

I went online and found a genuine GM OEM switch for $81 dollars. So I was wondering where $169 came from.

At the same time, I had to get some body work done on the car. Told the body shop what was going on and asked them about the price. Thet found a switch for $115. Was told if I get the switch for $81 they will put it in for free.

So guess where I’m going.

I felt if the shop had not charged me the second diagnostic fee, I would have gone back to them and paid the $169+. That second fee did not sit right.

Any comments?


They were WAY out of line charging you for the second diagnostic fee. It’s possible that both the switch and motor were defective to begin with, but I doubt it. Steer clear of this bozo, and be sure to tell your neighbor about your experience.


It’s quite possible that both were bad or that the switch failure could have been a separate thing since 2 weeks elapsed before the trouble started again.
A dragging window motor can damage other things in the circuit; switches, relays, etc. so a weakened switch could have worked fine for 2 weeks before giving up its life.

As to the switch price, maybe this was a dealer price. Any idea who they were getting it from?
There’s also the possibily they are simply putting a huge markup on the switch and while a markup is fine, doubling it is a bit much.

The one issue I have a problem with here is the second diangostic fee. Considering the short time frame, and even if there are 2 legitimate, separate failures involved I think in the interest of PR and common courtesy they should not have charged you the second one.
About all you can do is follow NYBo’s advice and tell people about it.