Quick question about blow off valve adapter

Currently have bov adapter installed with a stage 1 tune. I’ve noticed when I build a lot of boost, high gear, and I feel like I’m not getting the power I need. It vents 100% to atmo, stock one went back into turbo. Should I get a spring one that holds the boost?

Ask the people who installed the turbo or your tuner that qyestion.

I tried to explain to you what a BOV does but you clearly do not understand. The BOV is not your problem.

I understand what a bov does, it vents air out. I have an adapter installed that doesn’t recirculate any air back into the turbo.

And it doesn’t matter that it vents to atmosphere… most would vent it to the intake side of the turbo (the low pressute side) which is essentially atmosphere.

So did you replace plugs and coils and the problem did not go away?

AutoZone sold me the wrong plugs, ngl plugs were put in and all is good. I was just asking about the bov because it feels like it should be pushing a lot more with that much boost.

The days of carburetors are over Mustangman. There is a mass air flow sensor that will meter the air going out the bov, and inject too much fuel as if that air were going in the engine.

Where did I mention carburetors? Fact: I didn’t.

If you want to understand how fuel managment works with a turbo, you need to do more research. A BOV dumps excess air overboard when the throttle plate is closed so the turbo keeps spinning. This reduces lag when the throttle is again opened. The ECU is tuned to recognize that and it will not create an error.


Ok, the misfire is fixed. You don’t say how much boost you are seeing but it isn’t all about boost. Flow is critical, too. A small turbo builds boost quickly but at higher HP, restricts the flow even if you have a large downpipe and high flow exhaust. The intake system is the same. Small intercoolers and pipes feeding into a restrictive manifold has the same effect.

At some point, more boost just makes heat and breaks pistons, rods and cranks. Especially if you run out of fuel pump and injectors.

Talk to your tuner. Ask what it takes to make more power.

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Took the car for a drive today, seems when I accelerate it sounds like air is rushing out. I’ll end up removing it to see if it helps.