Turbocharger not boosting

I’m gonna try to loosen and retighten the vacuum hoses, but what are some other common things to check?


Boost gauge stuck at 0 (usually drops to -15 on start up)

Turbo spools, and is able to use the blow off valve, still no boost

Turbo was rebuilt about 4,000 miles ago so I assume wouldn’t have any issue with new parts this soon.

Gotta tell us what your working on! :slight_smile:

Lots of places to leak… hoses, intercooler, blow off valve stuck partly open, a manifold leak or break. A big ol rock can knock a hole in an intercooler pretty easily.

C’mon, this is not your first post here. Where is the info about the car and engine this turbo is mounted on.

Try a new boost gauge.

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You’re right, sometimes I think if you know the problem, then all the information isn’t needed there could only be a few fixes. (Clearly not with cars)

Got off work after the post, found that one of the vaccum tubes popped off and the cord was hanging behind the engine low, so wasn’t easy to spot.

So now all is good, instead of buying the circle fasteners, with a tightening screw (sorry not technical) would zip ties be an ok alternative?

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A plastic zip-tie will harden and break.

You want to use a small spring clamp for this application.


Zip ties seem to work pretty well for the small hoses for a while. The ones Tester posted work best. They keep a constant squeeze on the hose.