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Is a blow off valve a must?

bought a car with after market turbo and doesnt seem to have a blow off vavle. does it need one? not sure how to tune a turbo either. id like to set it to its lowest seting since 1 cylinder compressoin is down 35% atm.o has anyone used a juice called compression repair? 1 person said it could mess up my bearings . 93 hinda prelude

If you’ve got one cylinder of four off by 35% in a compression test, you’ve got bigger fish to fry. :frowning:

Mileage?? As a first step, you might try adjusting the valves.

Most turbochargers have some means to limit boost pressure. Contact the manufacturer for complete instructions and specifications.

One thing is for sure. When you force-feed a tired engine, the fun doesn’t last very long…

Most turbochargers use an overboost switch or a waste gate.
As Mr. Josh correctly says, you’ve got bigger fish to fry so forget about any kind of tuning or miracle additives for the engine.
I’d be willing to bet this engine already has some bearing damage.

k so ive been told to redo the compression test and this time spray some wd40 in the low cylinder if the compressoin rise’s a little then its my rings if not problem is probly vavles or in the top end anyway.does this make since? also to any honda buffs. 93 honda prelude. has a h22 head with a f22a1 bottom end.i heard someone say if a a h22 bottom end has bad rings its a full rebuild.i said its a f22a1 block and they said im ok then.then i was distrected and had to go.what did he mean bye that.thinking i cana re ring without taking bottom end apart or somthning or maybe thhat must likely it was jus gona be a valve job cus f22a1 block is tank or somthn?

122k but has a bottom end out of differnt model

The way I see it, you don’t have many options: if you want to keep that car turbocharged and actually have it perform well, you’re going to want to pull that motor, re-ring, put bottom end bearings in it, and have the head checked out (might as well get a valve job done).

I mean, you can do the rings without pulling the crank, but you’re going to have so much of the motor apart, you might as well pull it and put it back together so that it’ll last a while, eh?

The fact that there’s no “blow off valve” or waste gate probably explains a lot of the other issues.

This engine has been force fed more than it can handle. You’re going to have to start spending money if you want to keep this car. Lots of money.

It’s probably why the previous owner sold it in the first place. This is why I won’t purchase a used turbo/supercharged vehicle, doubly so for ones with an aftermarket one when no model had one to begin with.
I hope you didn’t give too much money for this car, as it’s probably worth more as a parts car than anything else now.