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Quarters in CD player

My 3-year old daughter stuck quarter in our 2008 Hyundai Entourage’s CD player. Now, needless to say, the CD player won’t work. Any ideas how I can get them out without damaging the lens, other parts, the dash, etc.?

Remove the CD player and open it up before you touch its buttons again. That’s the best chance you have of preventing any damage…if none has already occurred. If damage has occurred, and you decide to replace the unit, be sure you get an adapter plug for the new unit. It’ll splice to your new unit’s wires on the kitchen table and plugg directly into the existing wiring harness.

Don’t attempt to get inside the radio from the front. You need to take the radio out of the dash but I dont know if your Entourage has a dash face trim panel to remove or not.
With the radio out and unplugged you’ll be able to see the covers to remove, top or bottom, that allow you inside. You should be able to just dump out the change on the table.

With my Ford radios the main circuit board lives horizontaly along the entire bottom. All change kids put in there settles onto the live circuit board and pzzzzt~ ! Only about 1 in 20 are working after change removal. ( I keep the change :slight_smile: )