Citroen c2 cd storage is in the way!

Ive been driving for a little while and im still in my first car, 2006 citroen c2 furio, and ive been having issues with my cd player. Luckily a friend has gifted me a 2 din radio but i cant figure out how to remove the cd storage underneath the head unit (sterio/ cd player) in order to fit the double din replacement. Does anyone know how or if i acan remove it? Ive looked all over and theres nothing!

Get the factory shop manual. That should provde guidance.

I am not familiar with your vehicle. but most have 2 holes on each side, and you would use a tool similar to the one below to put in the holes to hit the release mechanism to get it out. it might be the same for the CD. I usually just make the tool from an old coat hanger


Cheers, that worked for the sterio but the cd tray has unfortuanetely got no holes,im thinking i might not be meant to take the tray out. I will take a closer look tgough maybe i can DIY it and just cut the thing out

Since this US of A based forum has hardly anyone who has even seen a Citroen in decades find a local auto sound shop . They can most likely remove and install this other unit without cutting things up .

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Remove the bezel that surrounds the radio and storage tray. The storage tray may be attached to the bezel or there may be screws behind the bezel. No cutting necessary.

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Youtube to the rescue!

Comments on this video say there should be a couple retainer lugs on each side of the plastic housing, but you should be able to push it out if you reach behind where the radio came out of.

Is it possible to remove bottom shelf under the radio? I’m looking to install 7" display in that gole.

According to my Haynes manual, you should be able to push it out after removing the radio. It has a retaining lug on each side, but if you reach in through the radio’s hole, you should be able to push it out.

Another video I found shows a 2008 Peugeot 207 double din replacement, but the way things look, the cars should be interchangeable
Peugeot 207 2006-2014 how to fit double din radio step by step guide - YouTube.

There’s as many ways to mount these gadgets as there are gadgets, at least it seems that way. As mentioned above likely requires removing a plastic panel on the dash so you can see how the CD player is mounted. Sometimes requires removing other stuff, like the glove compartment box,ash tray, etc. Sometimes requires gently prying knobs off. This sort of thing is well described for my Corolla in the car’s factory service manual. Aftermarket repair manuals? Not so much.

The CD player is out, it’s the plastic tray below it that’s the problem.