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Putting in Rear Wiper

I recently bought a used 2012 VW GTI. I’m enjoying the car, the only problem that I have is that the person who bought it new didn’t splurge for the rear wiper option and I noticed after driving in the rain that it would be good to have it. I know it was an option, as there is a plastic cap thing where the wiper arm would attach to the body and I can see where the rear switch would be on the wiper control arm. Is this something that can be installed, like the wiring and tubing is there for it and all that’s needed is maybe a motor and arm assembly? How much would it cost approximately?

Also, what issues should I be aware of with it approaching 100,000 miles? I did a vehicle history report and there’s lots of maintenance records on it and I had it inspected before I bought it and it came out clean.


Usually the vehicle is run with the wiring harness needed and if not used from the factory it is just tucked away for future use. Its easier for the mfg sometimes to simply run one or two different wiring harnesses and use what is needed and tuck what isn’t.

Before you take apart the rear compartment to look for the harness…look in your owners manual for the fuse panel description… see if you can find where the rear wiper fuse would be…if you have provisions for this fuse in the fuse box, then chances are good the wire harness is back there waiting for you. You will need the wiper motor assy obviously…and the switch as well to control it. One issue is that the switch is usually on the turn signal…or like a turn signal on a VW…which complicates matters a tad bit…

As far as 100K miles… you need to pay close attention to the timing belt interval. IF they still use a T belt on that engine…Im not sure what they are using anymore… My 20th Anniversary GTi uses a belt…so…its possible yours still does as well. The owners manual will tell you what else you need to be cognizant of when getting into 100K land

No timing belt in the 2012 GTi.

You may find some or all the parts at an auto recycler. If you’re interested and look competent, they may let you go and pull the parts. That way you’ll learn what’s involved in installing them.

My guess is the switch and the tubing (if not already routed there) are going to present the main complications. Have fun and let us know how it goes.

I looked around for the wiring harness components that would allow me to add the “trunk-light” option on my Corolla, so I could see better when loading groceries into the trunk at night; but that part of the wiring harness was left out I guess if you didn’t purchase the option. I can determine where the light fixture (presumably included w/a mercury switch) is supposed to attach on the trunk lid, but no full-time powered wire going to the trunk area I could find. If OP wants to add the wiper components, go for it, but don’t count on the wiring harness components already being run.

As a compromise to the wiper, a rear window electric-resistance-wire defroster is another possibility. Work very nicely for snow and ice, and for rear window de-fogging, and even helps to dry the rear glass more quickly after a rainstorm. I think you can just buy a universal resistance wire kit for a diy’er install. Still have the wiring harness and fused-circuit problem to solve.

It has a defroster already.

I went and looked at the back window. There is a nozzle above the window and next to the brake light that would be the washer fluid spout. I also found a quick user guide (not the owner’s manual, that didn’t come with it) that told me how to work the rear wiper washer, which I did, and I heard a pump sound, but no fluid. I could not find the fuse panel, is it the passenger or engine compartment, or maybe cargo area?

I’m operating under the assumption that the previous owner took off the back wiper, which is supported by the fact that he also took off the back badges, too, so maybe it was something with aesthetics.

I’ll look into the junkyard possibility too, fortunately, there are some close by, once I figure out the fuse location…

Well if the previous owner removed items…that is really the best scenario… far better than adding an option that was not installed at the factory and hoping the wiring and such is in place. So I hope you are correct in your assessment that someone removed factory installed items.

Let us know how you make out.

Most of them for this type are circuit are usually located near and to the left of the driver’s left knee, might have to remove a cover to see them. You might be able to download an owner’s manual from the VW website, or maybe someone who owns that car has posted one on the web, you can find via googling.

There are two fuse boxes, one in the dashboard and another in the engine bay. Check under the dash and on the sides when the front doors are open.