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Rear windshield wiper motor on 2003 VW Golf

Does anyone out there have any basic tips - or involved instructions - on how to replace the rear wiper motor on an 03 VW Golf? I’d love to do it myself

There may be a lock nut at the base of the wiper (possibly under a plastic or metal cap) and alsoa locking nut to hold the wiper motor to the hatch.

Removal of the inside panel is necessary. Look for any retaining screws before you pry the panel loose.

You can buy (cheap) a panel removal tool you use for releasing the retaining clips. Be prepared to replace broken clips.

I have done this myself and it is actually very simple. I purchased a used rear wiper motor assembly from an online forum ( I just searched for someone that had one for sale and sent them a message–I think I ended up paying $30 or so.

First, the wiper blade assembly needs to be removed. The cap on the center of the wiper assembly (where the washer fluid come out) can be flipped up and there is a nut underneath that secures the motor and wiper assembly on either side of the glass. Remove the nut and the wiper assembly.

The inside of the rear hatch has 2 screws and some clips that hold it in place. The 2 screws are inside each of the hand holes used to lift the hatch up (1 in each hand hole). Remove those screws (they are either a Phillips or a Torx T20).

There are 8-10 clips that you need to release next. The clips are attached to the panel, and snap into holes in the sheet metal of the hatch. They are all around the perimeter of the plastic panel.

After the hatch panel is off you now have access to three nuts that attach the wiper motor. Remove these nuts as well as the wiring harness and the washer fluid hose from the motor assembly.