Rear window wiper

I’ve got a 2009 Honda Civic. I’d like a rear window wiper installed by my mechanic says that it can’t be done. Only hatchbacks have them. Is there a work around for a rear window wiper on a car with a regular trunk?

anything is possible with enough money.
Cutting, welding, building, drilling are all possible in a custom situation like yours.
Finding a mechanic who wants to tackle it is another story.

They have to find any other vehicle with a similar sized window to get parts from ( the hatchback window is shorter )
and figure where and how to mount the motor and how to compensate for angle.

Sure it could be done, look at the custom stuff they build on the hot rod and off road tv shows…when money is no object.

Find a similar customizer who is adept at fabricating from scratch.
Limo builders, handicap modifiers, off road shops all have the tools to fabricate bracketing.

Either 1) sell the car and buy a hatchback with a wiper (more practical anyway) or; 2) buy a $4 bottle of RainX and apply to the rear window per instructions. Works really well - almost makes wipers unnecessary. Custom wiper install is a major waste of time and money IMHO.

Thanks for the suggestions. It’s more a snow than rain issue. Just wish it would be standard issue for all models.

No practical way. Does your rear defroster work?

What exactly is happening in snow? Cars normally don’t need them, as the position of the window and the aerodynamics around the car tend to keep them clean enough (except sometimes in a really misty rain).

The rear defroster is not as efficient as others I’ve had. My mechanic found nothing wrong with it.
When in a heavy squall, snow can accumulate. That happens a couple of times a snow season.

It can be done. But how much you do want to spend?

The base of the rear window will have to cut out to weld in the the wiper mechanism and then painted to look good. Then you have to run the wiring to the wiper motor to the dash so it can be operated from the drivers position. Then what mostly happens is, the wiper is frozen to the window and either the wiper arm is striped out or the the transmiision in the wiper motor is destroyed.

Not worth it.


Sell it and buy a car with a rear wiper, and while you are at it , get one with heated mirrors.

Yes, agree with the others but there should be no snow on the rear window. In Minnesota we need to clear the snow off the roof, hood, windows, headlights, and tail lights before going anywhere. There really should not be a need for a wiper and I’ve never had one on any of my cars. Rear defroster yes, but wiper no.