Install rear wiper on sedans

Is it possible to install a rear wiper on a sedan? (2014 Mazda 6)

Almost anything can be installed on a vehicle with enough money. But I don’t see why you would want to do that. A rear wiper without a washer nozzle would be a waste of time.

Sure. Buy a wiper motor & arm, bore a hole below the rear window, run wires to the dash, install a toggle switch, and tap into a spare spot in the fusebox. To run the wires, remove the kickpanels, the lower door trim (or the roof rail trim), and whatever else trim you find in the way. You’ll probably have to bore a hole in the hood liner (in there is one) too, big enough to house the motor.

Oh, and unless you’ve had some practice removing and replacing interior panels, and have a set of good nylon prybars, you’ll probably get really really frustrated. Trust me, I gutted my own car for other reasons. But, then, I enjoy frustration. I’m not having fun unless I’m miserable.

Personally, I strongly and with emphasis recommend against trying it, but you asked. Mess up the hole and you just might end up buying a new boot lid.

The first car I remember having a factory option rear wiper was the 1948 Pontiac Streamliner fastback. I had a 1947 Pontiac Streamliner fastback and the rear window was virtually a skylight. My Pontiac didn’t have a rear wiper, but I am sure it would have been virtually useless. I never needed a rear wiper on any of the cars that I owned. However, the rear wiper and washer is very useful on the minivans I have owned. The design of the minivan makes this a necessity. On a conventional car, the air flows over the rear window more smoothly and there isn’t a real need for a rear wiper.

To add to Triedaq’s post, it would probably even interfere with the laminar flow and create wind noise.

“But, then, I enjoy frustration. I’m not having fun unless I’m miserable.”

Stop talking about your Ex, mountainbike. If there is a god, he is merciful (she’s gone).

LOL, gone, but not forgotten!

If you do this, you’ll make the car harder to sell in the future. I know I’d never buy a car that had a modification like this.

Why? I’ve owned a few vehicles with rear wipers (Jeep Cherokees and Chevy HHR) and I find them basically useless. I’d forget the idea.

I wouldn’t attempt it either.

The trunk will likely leak and you will lose when selling the car.

Watch where you’re going and not where you’ve been.
I’ve had 3 SUVs and Vans that have had the rear wipers and I don’t evewr remember using them once.


I’ll bet I could count the number of times I used the rear wiper on a Grand Cherokee we used to have on one hand, and still have a finger or two left over to pick someone’s nose.

I was also surprised at how little rain actually hit or came down the back window of the first “Jelly bean” Taurus I drove in heavy rain at speed.

Do you really NEED a rear wiper, or just think it would be cool?

I could reallyuse a rear wiper on any car around here in the winter.
I would suggest forgetting about adding one to a 626 sedan and put RaineX on the rear window.

I used to carry RaineX in the tractor trailers I drove and if a drivers side wiper broke or came off, the RaineX would let me make my destination.