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Rear windshield wiper

I drive a car that has a pretty shallow hatchback. When it rains, the water likes to collect on the rear windshield, making it hard to see out of.

I have had some moderate success using products like RainX, that help the water slide off the glass, but I was wondering if it would be possible to install a windshield wiper on the back of my car.

Without having a clue what year, make, or model of car it is, the only thing I can respond with is that anything is possible if you have enough money. Whether it’s worth it is another question.

I drive a 1977 Datsun B210 w/52,000 miles

Not worth it. While the B210 was a nice car it’s NOT a classic and this will probably cost you more then the car is worth.

Wow - if it was 25 years ago you could probably get some rear window louvers that were popular then, but now, I doubt it, might check Ebay.

I thought some cars had a spoiler/deflector(?) mounted up top on the hatch for this malady. They channel airflow over the glass when you are moving. I either know what I’m talking about or imagining things. Try searching for something you could adapt.

I can’t remember if the B210 had an optional rear window wiper or not. Probably not, but if it did, and you can find all the pieces, you can install a wiper.

If it was not an option, forget it. You’ve obviously lived with this problem for some time, and have adapted.

I once installed a rear window wiper on a 1978 Ford Fiesta that did not have one from the factory, but I used all factory parts from a similar car.

There’s no way I know of to install something from another make or model. It’s just not worth the effort.