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Putting gas in truck

It seems when it gets very cold, I cannot put gas in my Dodge Ram 1500, 2004 a full gas pump speed. I have to basically let it dribble in (like a gallon an hour). When it warms up, it is fine. Is there a vent valve frozen somewhere?

Your truck has an Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system. How this works is, as gas is entering the tank a check valve is forced open at the bottom of the fill tube. As the tank is filled the gas vapors pass thru a vent valve in the tank and are collected in the carbon canister. So if there’s moisture in the system it can cause these components to freeze so either gas can’t enter the tank or the tank can’t vent properly.

You might try adding a can of ISO-HEET to the fuel system to see if this will remove the moisture from the system.