Car Dies after re-fueling

I have a 2005 Dodge Magnum with the V-8 Hemi and after re-fueling the car will die if driving slow or try to die if driving at highway speeds. This only last about 5 minutes if driving down the highway and stops after a couple of restarts in town. The car will start back up without a check engine light. We have tried different gas stations and putting gas in when empty or 1/2 tank and still does it most of the time. Please help…

You’re probably ending up with liquid gasoline in your evaporation lines. The evap lines are only supposed to carry fuel vapors and those are vented to the intake at various times. If you end up with liquid in those lines you end up with liquid being pulled into the intake, basically flooding the engine.

When you fill up, do you “top off” the tank? If so, then don’t. Just hang it back up after the first automatic shut off.

I will try that but why would it happen all of the sudden? I have owned the car for about 1 year and fill up the same way but it just started doint it about 1 month ago.

Thanks for the tip and I will let you know!

There is also a vent valve at the top of the tank. Its supposed to only allow vapor rather than liquid through. If that valve fails this might also happen. I tend not to think its as simple as just the valve. Otherwise you’d tend to get rough running issues anytime the tank was full and you did a hard turn or hit a decent bump (anything that sloshes). I.e. it wouldn’t only be for a few minutes after fueling up.

However, its also possible that the vent valve may need to go. Others with more experience with these systems than I may need to correct something about that or elaborate on it.

Just as an experiment, next time you get gas stop a good two gallons or so short of full. See what happens.

I’m inclined to agree with Cig.
Have you stored any fault codes? I’d expect something in the P0440 range, an EVAP system fault.

It’s also possible if you’re topping off the tank (are you?) when you fill up that you’re getting a bit of gas down into the charcoal bed. Every ime you start the car, a “purge valve” is opened that allows fuel vapors to be drawn from that charcoal into the intake for combustion. Your gas tank breaths in through that charcoal bed. It could be that you’re getting fliud in the bed, choking off the charcoal, and after a few starts it’s clearing enough to let the car run on.

I am topping off the tank and will now stop that and see what happens. That sure will be a cheap and easy fix!!!

Post back with the results.

The car runs just fine if we don’t “top it off” we now actually need to stop the gas pump ourselves and not let it stop automatically. I will now see what a maintenance shop will charge to look at it someday.

Thanks for all the help and cure!!!

Sincere thanks for posting back. Glad we could help.

Fuel tank vent valve leaks into purge canister. Known problem. Must replace fuel tank. Possible canister too if it’s saturated. You shouldn’t top off either