2004 Dodge Dakota will not accept fuel properly

Gasoline backs up in the filler neck while pumping. I’ve disconnected the vent tube on the filler neck and disconnected the hose going to the canister next to the fuel tank. I’ve let the engine run during fill up, but this does not change things. Violently shaking the truck while cursing only provides entertainment to other motorist at the pump. I gave up my career as an auto mechanic in the 80’s when cars were being made out of metal.

Try following that vent tube that connects to the filler neck back to the gas tank. It’s probably kinked, clogged, etc. between the filler neck and tank. If air can’t escape from the filler neck end of that hose, it has to burp back up through the filler neck (shutting off the pump in the process).

[b] I've let the engine run during fill up[/b]  

Please don't do that.  I used to live across the street from a gasoline station.  Trust me you don't want to do that.

I agree with JEM. Have you tried a “slower” setting on the fill nozzle? Some makes and models especially smaller ones can’t take the highest setting on the nozzle.

The speed of dispencing doesn’t matter. This is a Dodge Dakota turck. It use to take on fuel like a normal vehicle…now it don’t. The engineers at Dodge are not paid what they are worth and they should be glad of it. Does anybody out there know of DODGE problems? Since it’s not a Chevy, I’m out of my leauge. What causes the fuel to back up in the filler neck during re-fueling? It doesn’t matter how slow I dispence it. The slowest dispencing speed is too fast. As stated up top, all hoses were disconnected to alieviate a kinking problem.

Inspect the fuel tank inlet check valve. Remove the fill tube/hose assembly and look into the tank. The check valve looks like a green ping-pong ball and has a light spring behind it. You shoud be able to push it open very easy with your finger or a screw driver. The valve is ment to seal the tank in the event of a roll over. If the valve is not found to be sticking there must be a problem with the vent.

I have the answer to this problem. There is a filter on the evap canister vent that completely packs with mud change this filter and your problem will be solved. I had the same problem. . . this filter is located on the top front of the fuel tank on frame side. to test to see if it is clogged take the large hose off of the evap canister on the vent solenoid side and blow through it. . . . . .my money is on that there will be some resistance on it. . . . when there should not be any. you need to drop the tank down a little bit to wiggle the filter out … . . you do not have to drop the tank. . . crack rear strap bolt loose and wind the front tank strap bolt almost the whole way down and you can sneak the filter and its line out and change it. . your mopar dealer can get you the filter but you will need to reuse the attached hard line. . . simply heat it with a heat gun and sneak it off of the barbes connection and re heat it and slide it over the new filter and enjoy pumping at full force. .

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