2004 Dodge ram 1500 hemi stall problem

When filling the tank it stalls a few seconds before the pump shuts off, then stalls at lights/ideal until the top 1 gallon is burned.

New plugs/wires/pcv valve

Dealer update the computer

Sounds like a possible problem with the “EVAP” system. When you fill it, do you squeeze in as much gas as you can, or let the pump click off, then take the nozzle out immediately? Will these symptoms occur if you don’t fill up all the way?

  1. The truck will stall about 1-2 sec. before the pump auto shuts off for the first time then I remove it.

  2. No, only with a FULL tank. Otherwise fine.

Also there is NO code thrown.

Why do you leave it running while filling it? Does it behave the same way after filling it if you have the engine off while filling it?

Do you know you are not suppose to leave your engine running when filling the tank? In most states it is illegal.

I use to live across the street from a service station (long ago when they were service stations). I saw two fires there. You really don’t want that to happen to your car. It toasted both cars. In once case someone ran over a pump and I never figured out what happened on the other one.

It has stalled doing 55 mph on the high way, basically any time until the top 1 gallon is burned. It is not fun stopping a truck with out brakes or steering at 55!! Luckily the barking brake still works.

You still have brakes and steering if the engine is off; you just need to push harder on the brake pedal and more effort is involved in steering. Take it to a mechanic and have the EVAP system, vent lines, and charcoal canister checked out.

On a modern vehicle, if you fuel it to the top when running, there may be increased risk of gasoline being sucked into things that it shouldn’t. You didn’t answer as to whether filling it with the engine off will still cause the stalling.