Ford f 150 doesnt start when every time gas tank is filled with gas

I have a 2010 ford f150.
Every time I fill it up with gas it wont start upon the first try just turns over.
Second time it sputters and then stalls.
Third time it starts then runs and stalls.
Fourth time it will start fine until I fill the truck up with gas again.
I caught part of a Car Talk shop on Saturday May 25 about a gas fumes the new sealed gas tanks, charcoal filters. Didn’t hear all of the program.
I read some articles on the internet about a possible gas tank valve.
Does anyone know the problem with this ford f150 truck to make it stall out after it is filled with gas???
Thank you.

Sounds like a gas tank venting problem. Pretty common complaint here. You might try temporily loosening the gas cap and see if that helps. As a diagnostic, not as a fix. It’s dangerous to drive around with a loose gas cap.

The link below provides a pretty good description of how this gas tank venting works.

When you refuel your truck the fuel vapors are supposed to be trapped and absorbed by a charcoal canister. Then, after you start the vehicle, this trapped vapors are purged back into the engine in a controlled manner. If the purge valve sticks open, the refueling vapors can pour into the air intake and flood the engine, making starting difficult. It’s called “On-board Vapor Recovery System” Have yours checked out…

I believe some of the diagnoses I read about online is consistent with your diagnoses. Move specifically it is a hose up by the engine wall with a valve in it called evaporative emission valve.
Would that be the part that is malfunctioning, maybe not closing and flooding the engine?

My first guess would be – after making sure all the evap and vacuum hoses are in place and the electrical connectors seem to connected – check the operation of the purge valve.

Loosing the gas cap is a great idea but unfortunately its a Ford and it has a cap less tank, when the gas hose is removed it automatically closes. I have a funnel to get additives into the tank, maybe I can put the funnel in and see if that will vent the fumes. If that works then it is a vapor problem.