Put toyota engine in mazda truck


I have a wrecked 1988 toyota with a 2.2 liter engine. Does anyone know if it will fit in a 1992 mazda B2200? I want to hook it up to the mazda 5 speed transmission. Anybody have any ideas?


You may have to check with the Toyota and Mazda folks since I suspect you may be the first person on the planet to attempt this transplant. BTW, will you use the Toyota or Mazda PCM for your project?


Aside from the question of whether that engine will fit inside the engine bay of your truck, the ultimate question is whether anyone manufactures an adaptor for this type of engine/transmission switch. The engine from one vehicle will not mate-up with the transmission from another vehicle unless there is an adaptor to make this mating possible.

As an example, back in the '50s, an aftermarket parts company manufactured an adaptor that enabled one to mate up a Cadillac engine with a Studebaker transmission in order to create a Studebaker coupe with incredible power. Without the special adaptor plate, this would have been impossible. In your case, I doubt that any such adaptor exists, due to the extremely rare chance that someone would want to perform the same type of transplant that you are contemplating.

This isn’t like changing light switches, as each manufacturer decides independently on the design of its components and the placement of the bolts, gaskets, etc. is totally different on virtually every vehicle.


What benefits do expect to gain?