Engine problems

I have a 1982 Toyota Carolla Tercel. It did not come with an air conditioner. I had one put in at Toyota. A few years ago I had to have a new engine put in. It was done at Toyota service. I have a 1992 Toyota pick up truck. It is manual. It now needs a new engine. Is it at all possible to have the engine from the Tercel transfered to the pick up truck? Is it possible to have the air conditioner, or the automatic transmission, or any thing else transfered to the pick up truck?

I would say no, at least not pratical, the 82 is probably carburated the 92 fuel injected just for one item.

If you can identify what engine the 82 has and see if that engine type was offered in the 92 pickup there could be some hope, but I don’t think so.

Best bet is find a salvage yard engine, you want things to be as close as possible initally, less work and less money to pay the mechanic

It is possible some AC components could be transfered, but you are going to deal with the R-12 R-134 factor in some way. This doesn’t look good.

If you were to (somehow) transfer the engine from the 27 year old Tercel to the pickup it would laughably underpowered. With the Tercel being front wheel drive, there is no way the transmission will swap in to the RWD or 4WD pickup. The air conditioner may work. But if it’s an R12 system it won’t be work the effort. You best bet would be just to buy a used pickup with A/C and an automatic.