Pulstar spark plugs (pulse plugs)


I have a 20090 V6 Hyundai Sonata that I’m interested in adding these plugs to and possibly increase my mileage.

Dealership says this will void my warranty.

I don’t think that is legal.

Anyone have success w/Pulstar plugs or warranty questions like this?

Think of your ; camera, tv, 10 speed Schwinn, refrigerator, etc. and this scenario…“You did WHAT to it and now you want us to warranty it ??”

Yes, modificatiosns void warranties.

Warranties pay for anything WE ( the manufacturer )did wrong. When you sign on the dotted line it includes the warranty AS WRITTEN in the manual, as part of the contract agreement.
And in this economic environment the corporations ( not just automotive ) are getting verrrrry nit-picky about the absolute wording of warranties…watch it.

Pulstar plugs are a rip-off, and yes they may damage your ignition system. It’s snakeoil.
You don’t think that it is legal to deny a warranty claim because someone used a part that doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s specification for that part? Where does this legal theory come from?
Example: Car manufacturer calls for a particular coolant (anti-freeze) for the engine. Instead, you use cola. Now you still expect the manufacturer’s warranty to cover all the damage that you caused?

As the Talking Heads put it in "Psycho Killer, “Run run run run run run run away”.

I don’t know about the possibility of damage to your car, but I can guarantee that it will not do all the wonderful things the advertising claims. The best bet for spark plugs are the same brand and type specified in your owner’s manual.

Yes, it is legal for them to refuse to honor the warranty for any engine operational problems that MIGHT have been caused by them if you put these nonapproved plugs in. And I can pretty much assure you they’ll interpret that as meaning ALL engine problems.

We’ve had lengthy threads on these (and other) “trick” spark plugs. Virtually every one of us, the experienced techs, the engineers, the physicists, the chemists, and the long-time shade tree wrench turners, all agree that these plugs are strictly a gimmick. We’ve debated how sparks discharge, flame propogation, and just about every other aspect of it.

You have a highly engineered machine there. Treat it properly and it’ll give you years of trouble free operation. Start replacing approved parts with unapproved aftermarket gimmicks and it probably will not. It’s your choice.

Overpriced scam is the phrase that comes to mind. If those plugs were capable of providing even 2% of what they claim then they would have already been fitted to every internal combustion engine ever made.

These bogus plugs have been around for about 15 years and the sales pitch is nothing new.

And the others are correct. Warranty covers a factory defect in materials or workmanship and any problems caused by something other than what the factory intended will fall on your pocketbook. As it should.

No change in performance. It’s documented because I just wrote it. Sixty years have gone by with these types of ads for spark plugs. Why don’t they come with new cars from the factory? Pulstar would make a fortune selling them to GM for fifty cents each.

I find it interesting that the OP would find the sales pitch for these overpriced aftermarket plugs to be so convincing. If these plugs were really capable of what their manufacturer claims, why hasn’t at least one auto manufacturer decided to install them in their cars on the assembly line?

Any car company that can demonstrate a real advantage in gas mileage over its competition would have an incredibly effective marketing edge over their competition, and that would translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in increased car sales over time. The refusal of car companies to use devices like the Pulstar Spark Plug should tell you everything that you need to know about those plugs.

Yes, modificatiosns void warranties.

WRONG…This is NOT considered a modification. Adding something like a super-charger is considered a modification. Changing plugs to non-OEM plugs is NOT considered a modification.

HOWEVER…The plugs are nothing more then a gimmick. They will NOT increase gas mileage…they will NOT give you better performance then the standard OEM plug. Stick with the OEM type plug. Pretty sure it’s either Denso or NGK that is the OEM manufacturer for the spark plugs on this vehicle.