Pulse spark plug


hi everyone has anyone heard or try using the pulse spark plug?does is really worth $25 a piece or is it just another scam any feed back will be appreciated before i get suck in.




As per the Dartman link, this gimmick was gone through recently.

According to the company this design was “tested and proven” back about 14 or so years ago.
If there was one shred of truth to it then ask yourself why every internal combustion engine coming down the pike has not been equipped with them already.


Just the same old plug that was proven worthless back then. You are buying into the same old scams that were part of the county fairs of years ago, but today we use the internet.

The only real difference is you are skeptical and taking the time to check it out.  Too bad more people don't.  Most just say, it is not really much money so I will give it a try and when it does not work, it is too little money to go after the thieves.


Another SPAM post…We should have spam filters…