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Steering and suspension

While driving i can hear and feel a clunking and grinding in the front left wheel. I know its not the brakes, and it pulls me all over the road, what could it be?

I know its not the brakes

How do you know it is not the brakes?

What make model year and mileage on your car or maybe golf cart?

Any prior problems that might be related? Any other information that might be related?

You may or may not be right as to whether it’s the brakes. It could be a tie rod end about to fall off the car. I saw a wheel buckled up under the car from this happening. I felt sorry for the poor fella.

If you want peoeple to feel sorry for you, keep driving the car this way. Evenntually, probablly very soon, they’ll feel sorry for you. They may even visit you in the hospital. Or at your wake. Personally, I’ll feel much sorrier for the poor innocent person that you kill when you lose total control of the car. And for that poor person’s grieving family.

I’m sorry, but I’m trying to make a point…you should not drive this vehicle one more foot until you get it diagnosed and repaired. Consider this vehicle extremely dangerous until you find out otherwise. I beg you to do this. And in the future if you have a problem this serious stop driving the car immediately.

I know its not the brakes because i took the wheel off and looked myself. I’m not a mechanic but im mechanically inlcined. I dont have a problem stopping or hear the screeching noise its in the wheel hub bearing or the rack and pinion i just wanted another opinion thats all. When i drive it will pull me all over the road, will a brake problem do that? I dont think so. And its not the tie rod about to fall off either cause i inspected all that myself as well.

While you may be mechanically inclined, you are not qualified to diagnosis this problem. It could be the brakes, a caliper hanging up intermittently. You may have a bad wheel bearing, any number of things.

The car needs to get up on a lift and get checked over by a good front end mechanic.