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Pull to the right

A car with a stuck RR brake will swing to the right in the rear and therefore pull to the left, not to the right. If the Audi has a brake problem in the rear better not start with the assumption that the RR brake is the problem

Duly noted.

No. A single wheel braking on either side of the car will yaw the entire car in that direction. Next time you’re at the supermarket roll your card forward while gently resting the sole of your shoe on the right rear wheel… the cart will veer right. An automobile has castered front wheels and fixed rear wheels just like the shopping cart. Braking one rear wheel will not cause the rear axle to deviate from it’s normal path.

Now… if your rear suspension bushings are so far gone that braking action causes serious toe-out it’s entirely possible the rear axle could steer itself in the direction of the of the problem wheel (as you suggest), but in that case you’ve got much bigger problems than a stuck caliper.

I disagree. Excess drag on the car’s right side, whether in the front or rear, will cause the car to pull right. Excess drag on the car’s left side will cause the car to pull left.

In over 40 years of driving I’ve had a few instances of excess drag on a rear wheel, once due to a stuck brake and other times due to a flat. The vehicle always pullls to the side of the excess drag.

CJ, love yer moniker.