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Pulling to the left when braking

I had front lower ball joints fixed on my car and the left outer tie rod fixed and alignment and since then when you brake it pulls to the left when you brake and its real bad that you would go into the other lane,took it back and they thought it was the brakes, had the front brakes done, pads,rotors and calipers and another alignment and it still does it they even switched the front and back tires. took it somewhere else and there going to look at it Monday but said that I shouldn’t be driving it that right now its a death trap. Does anyone know what is wrong with this before I put ton of more money into it and did the persons that did this work do something to this, because it wasn’t doing this before the work was done on it.

A common cause of pulling under braking after front end work has been done is an incorrectly installed caliper. Sometimes the tech will install it with a twist in the hose, which will prevent the brake fluid from flowing the way it needs to. Since it’s pulling to the left, the problem will likely be on the right, if this is indeed the problem.

A loose suspension piece on either side can be the cause but the control arm on the drivers side would be my first guess. Such a dangerous situation after a professional repair should be totally unacceptable. And for the shop to get it back and do more work and again return it un-roadworthy is outrageous.

but it was doing it before the brake work but after the tie rod and ball joint

I agree I will not be going back to there ever again.And if it turns out that it is there fault I will contact someone about it,The stuff is warrentied but I don’t trust going there again.My car even sounds bad now and I know the muffler system is good.I will have to wait till Monday when I take it somewhere else.When I hit a bump it also clunks now so maybe it is something with the suspension.Its just weird that this all happened after they worked on it.