Rear tire wear causing pulling to the right?

I just had the tie rods replaced and a front end alignment on my VW Golf. The tires that were on the front were moved to the back because of some wear on the inside edge. The tires currently on the front look brand new, but the car pulls to the right more than it did before I had any of the work done. The place where I got the work done told me I would need to replace the two tires with wear but they are still in mostly good condition. They are telling me now the pulling is because the tires on the rear have wear. Can wear on rear tires really cause my car to pull so significantly to the right? Or is this company trying to get me to spend more money? The tires are only two years old. I do not want to replace them yet. The car front wheel drive.

Yup. Abnormal wear on a tire that’s been moved can cause pulling. But it isn’t generally as dramatic as you’re suggesting. I’d go elsewhere and have a diagnosis done.

More importantly, why did you only get the front end aligned rather than a four wheel alignment?

Tire wear can cause a tire to develop a pull, but it would be highly unusual for the rear tires to cause a pull - far and away it would be the front tires. But we need to eliminate the vehicle as the source of the problem.

Swap the front tires side to side.

If the pull completely changes direction, it is 100% the tires.

If the pull doesn’t change at all, it is 100% the vehicle.

If the pull disappears or changes (other than a 100% change in direction), than it’s both.