PT Cruiser AC blows hot and humid after long idle



I have a 2001 PT Cruiser, used. I have only recently been having problems with slight overheating. This seems to occur only when I’m driving in the city and it occurs when the car idles at a lsow stoplight, etc. The AC is perfectly cool until prolonged idling, wherupon it turns into the equivalent of a large dog’s mouth breathing into the entirety of the cabin. I had my radiator flushed this past weekend and it seems to have helped a little but the problem is not gone entirely. What should I do?

-Ashley, Savannah, GA


I would guess you have two fans on the radiator. When the car is hot and with the A/C on both fans should be on. Are they?




Ditto on the two fans or two fan speeds. If two fans one should be on when the engine is cold and the AC is on. If two-speed it should be running on low when the AC is on and the engine is cold.

Where is the temp gauge when all of this is happening?


Is the inside of the car overheating because the the A/C isn’t cooling or is the engine overheating?