2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser overheats while stopped

mechanic couldnt find anything…car still overheats while stopped. coolant runs out what could be the problem?

Your mechanic is the problem. That and the fact that you own a PT Cruiser.

Find a better mechanic if you want this problem fixed or trade this car.

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I wouldn’t put the mechanic at fault.
We don’t know if it was still leaking coolant when the car came to him.


Do you hear the radiator fan cycling on and off when it is idling/overheating? If not, that is the problem. Just had 2 granddaughters go through this within 2 months of each other. One had to have the fan replaced, the other had to have something in the power center under the hood that holds the fuses and relays soldered.

Where’s it run out of? Or do you just seem to be losing it?

What’s been checked so far? Compression?
Cylinder leakdown (the ability of each cylinder to hold pressure)?
Cooling fan operation?
Cooling system pressure holding capability?
The thermostat?
The ability of the radiator to dissipate heat?
The coolant for evidence of hydrocarbon contamination?

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If you mean it overheats when idling at a stop light or waiting in the drive through line at McDonalds, that’s usually a radiator fan problem. Next time it happens, keep the engine running, get out of the car & pop the hood. The radiator fan should be spinning like a banshee. Is it?