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My car is a Toyota Camry 2001 model with total mileage of 98000KM (60894.4Miles). I do servicing regularly and the performance has been great. Recently, the car started overheating whenever AC is on. The overheating is such that the temperature began to rise 10 minutes after turning the AC on. It’s so serious that the radiator always return coolant water into the reservoir tank and the temperature will continue rising until one turn off the AC.

I had change the radiator cover thinking it was as a result of leakage into the system and also checked the gasket but that is in good condition. I don’t just know what else to do. The issue is temperature remains ok and fine without the AC. PLEASE HELP.
Thank you.

Your car should have two fans, are they both on with the AC… Does it do this on the highway, or just around town driving? Have you looked to see if your AC condensor is clogged with leaves or bugs??

The car have two fans and both are on does this just around town driving over a distance of about 15miles.yes, had a look at the AC condenser, no leaves or anything clogging around it. thanks

At this gae and mileage the cooling system should be flushed. The other thing to check is make sure there is no air flow blockage to the radiator. The thermostat should also be changed probably. Finally, the water pump could be packing it in.

I would also make sure the A/C compressor is not partially ceased up; that may put extra starin on the engine.

Good luck.

Thanks Docnick. will check all the suggestions and revert back. pray it works.