A/C issues--PT Cruiser

Hey everyone, I have a 2003 PT Cruiser (48,800 miles) and am having issues with the A/C.

There will be cold-ish air blowing, but if I’m stopped too long the air coming in becomes warm. Also, if I am stopped, the A/C will rev my engine (sometimes so forcefully the car jerks forward). And occasionally, my car will make a whirring noise and then all of a sudden a jet of steam or something comes out from under the hood. But, if I drive w/o stopping, especially on the freeway, it works just fine.

Sounds like the radiator fans are not coming on. The jet of steam is probably refrigerant blowing out the compressor relief valve. On Chrysler’s this is usually caused by a defective pressure transducer. May be best to take it to a dealer, because they can properly diagnose the transducer plus I think it may be a dealer part.

check r134 pressor,compressor could,be going bad.

two options:

  1. tomorrow take it to an AC radiator shop. let them fix it. or…

  2. do nothing for a little while longer and you will need a complete ac system rebuild, recharge and possibly more.

but either way, STOP using the AC until you get it fixed.

you don’t mention it, but have you tried operating the car with the AC off? does it change the symptoms? if so, let that be a huge warning sign. stop using the AC NOW.

you may have a related cooling system failure, but again, using the AC greatly increases the load on the cooling system. stop using the AC NOW.

The cooling system may have a radiator problem, may have a fan problem, and may have a thermostat problem. using the AC greatly increases the load on the system. STOP using the AC system NOW.

is the check engine light on? that would be a tell all, for some problem. more info.

Good point if its broke don’t use it.