Pros and cons of cars

I was wondering if some people would share their opinions on something.

  I'm trying to decide between 2 cars.  A camaro v6 coupe. Or mustang v6 convertible.        

If anybody has any thoughts on the pros and cons of either car, I would like to hear them.

It depends upon the years of each and where you live if you are talking same year and recent, the Mustang, hands down if both were hard top. Personally, I feel you can live with a Mustang easier then a Camero and would not buy it just because it’s a hard top. I would, living where I do, keep looking for a Mustang Coup…that’s just my opinion.

Are we talking about a NEW car…or used.

If used then it really depends on year/mileage and how well it was maintained.

Yup, we need lots more information. And even then it’ll be an entirely subjective decision.

I will never own another convertible. Hope that helps. @dagosa has the right idea about finding a coupe.

I love covertables. If the choice were between the two versions of the same car, coupe or convertable, I’d go with the convertable hands-down. But that’s an individual choice. It’s purely subjective.

Ok. Let’s assume they are both the newest versions of both cars, and brand new. (coupes). I do understand that it may just come down to the test drive.

There’s another thing - next year’s Mustang is going to be all new, with features more comparable to the Camaro (independent rear suspension in particular). I like the current Mustang, the Camaro is claustrophobic to me. But that’s me.

I like the camaro body… But who can resist a convertible? The camaro v6 convertible would be ideal but it’s way out of budget. Or is there a similar car that I’m just completely over looking?

Have you considered the new Scion FRS? Top Gear voted it their Car of the Year. And it’s only about $24K delivered.

@the same mountain bike.
Yes I have actually, and the subaru brz. They are pretty nice looking. I’ve also thought about the Hyundai genesis coupe.

All good choices.

I guess it comes down to the test drive then. ( I am a Mtn biker too by the way).

A test drive is the only wat to pick the winner. One thing, though: do you expect to carry passengers in the bck seat? If so, I suggest that you consider a small sedan instead. If you are looking at a Hyundai Genesis (not the R-Spec), then I suggest that you consider a Cadillac ATS as a competitor. The prices are similar, and the ATS is highly regarded. The Mustang and Camaro are fine coupes, but they are Personal Cars, designed for two up front and the very occasional riders in back.

I’ve considered that. It would probably be pretty rare that I would ever carry more than 1 other friend. I’ll check out the cadillac.

The only thing about the Subaru/Scion sports cars is, they seem pretty one dimensional, unlike a Mustang. It would never be my only car. “In my dreams of course.” There are not a lot of places you can go with cars with ground clearances less then 5 inches,