Ford Mustang Pros and Cons

So, when I was a little kid, my mother used to have a 2003 mustang. I didn’t know what type of car I would like since I don’t know any other cars I like, but the mustang. I wanted to see if there are any Pros and Cons on Ford Mustangs. The one that I really want to see about is around 2018 through 2019. I can’t put a finger on what would happen if I got this type of vehicle. Any advice?

Rent one from a car rental agency and see how it changes your life temporarily. Feel the magic! Buying one would be like that, only longer.


Way back when, you could get a low performance Mustang - even one with a non-turbo 4 cylinder! The latest versions are all HP of varying levels. These are not cars for inclement weather.

It’s been a long time since I had one, but it used to be a car you had to stay ahead of. It had so much power that you could get in trouble fairly quickly if you didn’t anticipate how the car could react.

Proceed very carefully!

Unless you routinely have four adults in your car for long drives, there are no ‘cons’ to a Mustangs, than any other small-medium car. I had four adult passengers in mine last evening for a short drive, but would not want to subject the rear passengers to that for a long drive, the trunk is surprisingly roomy. Mine handles inclement weather very well.


Very good advice from @common_sense_answer I would suggest the same thing. I know you dont really know this or maybe think this way…yet… But your first car is usually NOT the one you have been dreaming of for some length of time.

Some are more lucky than others in this department, but…that’s another type of story. Your first car should be something safe for you to drive, make mistakes with, learn to actually drive, learn your local roads with. It should be more of a tool than a status symbol type of thing. I PROMISE, you do not want to get a beautiful new vehicle as your first car…there are just too many things that tend to happen to cars that are around teens and other first time car owners and I’m thinking back to myself as the example…lol. I could tell you many a young driver/first car story and I’m sure everyone on this forum could as well.

So…sure test out any and all the vehicles you wish to investigate so you have something to work toward eventually someday. In the meantime try to find ( or your parents will) a 10yr old vehicle that is still in fine working order…it can be cool…it can be a minivan…it really doesn’t matter what it is, its going to be awesome regardless… Let this starter vehicle absorb the usual mishaps we all get into with our first cars, learn what its like driving out in our nutty world of today, learn how to drive better, learn what you like, then, someday…get the one you have had your eye on or always loved when you are more able to care for, drive and keep it properly…

Insurance on a Mustang and someone under 25 is not going to be cheap.


The Mustang can seat two adults comfortably, but anyone in the back seat will be uncomfortable, and will have almost no view to the outside. If you want to carry more than one passenger, you might look at small sedans, like the Mazda3.


Being a 2 time Mustang owner… I can’t disagree with ANY of these posts!

PROS: The '18 and '19 Mustangs are rear wheel drive, fully independent suspension “pony” cars. Even the turbo 4 engine is pretty powerful and the V8 is VERY strong. So Pro for power, speed and handling. They look pretty cool, too. You can find good sound systems in the cars with Bluetooth and all that. The 10 speed automatic in the 2019 cars helps performance and fuel economy quite a bit.

CONS: 2 seat car with an occasional 4 passengers - the 2 in the back will NOT be happy.
Fair weather car unless you also buy a set of winter wheels and tires to install for snow and drive carefully in the rain.
The trunk is fairly small.
Not the best on fuel. Even the turbo 4 uses more fuel than a Corolla.
The cost of insurance will crush you if you are young or have points on your license, call your agent BEFORE you buy one!


friend has new gt and snow tires. says he wants to drive it before he dies. ugh, its mn? we have gotten 36" in the last 30 days. i did get a new carb for my blower though. it works great

I drove a 2018 Mustang convertible late last spring traveling from Ft Lauderdale to Key West and while it was fun to drive down through the Keys it was a real pain in busy traffic for this old man. Certainly the V-8 had more power than I would ever need and the ride was comfortable despite the performance suspension but visibility to the rear was terrible, backing situations were troubling despite my years of backing trucks into tight spaces. An old dune buggy would have been much more fun and appropriate. Sadly it has become fashionable to put drivers in pits peeking out. The old Cherokee was much more drivable for me than most currently popular models including SUVs, crossovers and certainly sport models.


Test drive a coupe, the one I rented last month had decent visibility. It was a GT, fast and LOUD.

Purebred, I have to ask where you live. Around here no pony car has ever handled inclement weather well. Front engine, rear drive, stiff suspension, low ground clearance and wide tires will make you the first car on top of the guard rail.

Several years ago, while I motored safely past it in my Outback, I spied a Mustang mired in snow on a corner. The following year, I saw the same Mustang stuck–on the same corner!–in a few inches of snow.

Apparently the owner of that particular 'stang hadn’t learned anything in the interim about winter driving techniques, or the need for winter tires on a RWD vehicle.

If you are the type of person who likes to be noticed,buy one. As for myself,I like to keep a low profile.

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Florida, driven easily in near hurricane force winds with heavy rain, just have to have the right tires.

Who cares about that? Mustangs are not for that crappy weather. They are very popular here in Florida and they have no trouble operating in all conditions where they were intended to be.

Rusty old junk salt cars are for driving on snow and ice covered roads in the frozen north, doesn’t matter much what is it. I had many that worked fine. Why ruin a nice car like a Mustang car?


It’s the driver not the car. Learned to drive in Minnesota in the sixties. V8s, skinny, bias ply tires, RWD, with open differentials. Only significant problem encountered was if the front wheel wells got loaded with snow to prevent the car from steering.

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I’'ve driven RWD muscle and sports cars in Ohio ice and snow for decades. My 84 Corvette was my daily driver in the late 80s. 83 Firebird with a posi, 75 Starfire with a posi, Honda S2000, a Mustang. All driven in the snow. Only the Starfire ever had winter tires. Never had to be towed out of a snowbank with any of them.

Drive careful, know the limits, all is fine.


my 65 impala SS had posi/glide and it was awesome in the snow. 2nd gear starts are great. yes i had snowtires too. my 66 mustang was very twitchy in the snow

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