Prolonging the life of a 2010 Toyota Prius

You once responded to inquiry about any special services would be suitable when your car is over 100,000 miles and you want to drive it for many more years. We have 2010 Prius with 140K miles and we want to keep it a long time

When the Prius appeared on the market, the first serious customers were taxi operators on the West Coast, which was the ideal application for quick pay back.

These operators did nothing extraordinary other that faithfully follow the owner’s manuals.

Last one I heard about had over 250,000 miles on the original engine and battery.

For most operators, expect about 10 year battery life and budget $3000 or so for a replacement, unless by then you will be able to buy rebuilt ones.

Replacing transmission fluid is a crucial item. Most of us here will recommend very 30,000 -40,000 miles.

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And make sure the ‘transmission fluid’ is the exact type specified for the Prius. It’s much different than a regular transmission.

Other things to do (besides following the owners manual recommendations to the letter) include changing out brake fluid every 3-5 years, changing engine coolant every 3-5 years, (unless specified more often, of course), and fixing any small issue before it becomes a big one.