2008 Toyota Prius lifespan?

How long do I keep this car? It is giving me no problems and I keep the maintenance up religiously. It has 244000 miles on it.

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As long as it runs and who knows how long that will be . But you should start pretending to make a car payment now. Just move 3 or 4 hundred each month to savings . That way you will have enough to make a good down payment or if this one runs long enough to buy outright.
24000 miles a year , long commute ?


These cars are now favorites for urban taxi use. Talk to some taxi drivers!! The Prius is head and shoulders above any other hybrid car on the market, so expect it to have typical Toyota life expectancy which I have witnessed can be up to a million miles under the right circumstances.

Budget for a new battery every 10 years at $3000 or so.

As others say, just keep driving it and do the prescribed maintenance and you may be surprised how long that car will give reliable service.

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There are maintenance items that the manufacturer tends not to mention, as they only need the car to last past the warrantee period. So if these are not on your list, add them:

Change transmission fluid and filter, every 30-50k miles
Change brake fluid whenever brake pads are changed.
(others here may add other items)

I’m a fan of synthetic oil. I change both of our Prii’s oil twice a year. I’ve never changed the transmission fluid in either car. I doubt it’s necessary.

Over at the Prius Club on FB we have members who post 300K mile markers in that gen pretty regularly. Here’s my thinking on your specific case: Your car is already “Fully depreciated.” It has only nominal value at this point as a trade or private sale and the depreciation curve now is very flat, meaning it is not dropping fast, if at all. If it works for you, set a target date in the future to move to a new car. If you reach it, either donate the car, sell it for short money to a person in need of a car, or get what you can as a trade and move to a new or newer car of your liking. Then tell everyone you know how awesome your Prius treated you. You are not ar real risk of losing any money by keeping it another 6 to 12 months. Here’s one last tip; If the battery starts to give you any issues, rememebr that it can be repaired for short money. There are shops all over American now that will replace a bad cell.

I think it was a decade ago that a taxi driver here in Vancouver racked up over a million kilometres on his Prius. I don’t know if the maintenance included battery replacement or not. I don’t think he had any major engine problems. Toyota bought it back from him to tear it down and understand how they built such a good car.

Had a friend whose '08 died at about 200k. Mostly battery. They said the car was worth far less than the $3k the battery would cost (see other comments). He bought a new '18.

My friend drives for Uber; he bought a salvage title Prius a few yrs ago, drove it to 400K miles, sold it for a few thousands and now has bought another salvage Prius.

a relative of one of my friends drove prior-gen prius past 200K miles before it broke on him, but that guy refused to do ANY maintenance on the car other than oil changes… so, predictably, his timing belt snapped