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2007 Toyota Prius - keep or sell?

When we purchased our 2007 Prius, I had read that we could expect the large battery to last for 10 years. I believe Toyota supplied us with a 10 year Warranty on that battery. Do you recommend getting rid of this 2007 Prius soon, in view of concerns about battery failure soon? The car and the battery have given us zero problems otherwise

If you are happy with it, keep it. Figure out what a new car payment would be, compare that to a cost of a new battery. I bet it will be less expensive to replace the battery. (5 years of $300 payments vs 1 year) If you are looking for a reason to sell it, that’s a different argument.

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Many if not most Prius owners get much more than 10 years from the battery. I bet you’ll find lots of info on a forum like Priuschat.

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How many miles do you have on the car?

In taxi service these batteries have proven to be good for close to 300,000 miles!! I doubt you will drive that much with your Prius before other things start to wear out!.

As mentioned, just keep driving it as you have the best hybrid on the market and a replacement battery is only $2800 for this car! That’s less than a transmission overhaul in a conventional car!