Key not connecting to car, and brand new one starts car but shuts off after a few seconds! Help!

My 2005 Chrysler 300 RWD will not unlock or lock unless I do it manually. The key that came with the car when I bought it from the used car dealer does not unlock my car from a distance. It unlocks the driver door and starts the car perfectly fine, but the dealership said that the key is bad. I hired a locksmith to program a new key but he could not do it. The new key starts the car but shuts off soon after. I just want to know why neither keys can unlock or lock my doors from a distance! Power locks work inside the vehicle. Is it a problem with my internal keyless entry system? Can this even happen? Please help. I do not want to buy a new key just to figure out that it wont program to my car.

From page 20 of your owners manual

It states it only works at a maximum distance of 23 feet

Spencer , I seem to be having comprehension problems today. The key thing , I guess you mean the key FOB ( what operates the remote entry ). I can’t tell if it works at all and you have to use the metal key to unlock the vehicle . How long have you had this vehicle and did it work during your test drive ?

Have you replaced the keyless entry batteries? They could be weak or dead, the key will still start the engine with dead batteries, the immobilizer does not rely on the RKE batteries to function.

I have only had the vehicle for a few months. The fob never unlocked my car from a distance. I have to unlock my driver door manually. With the metal key.

The keyless entry batteries in the key? Or are there some in the car.

The FOB that works the remote entry has batteries in it . They are usually small button type and if you can’t find the instructions in your owners manual if there is a Batteries Plus near you they can put them in for you.

Yes, the RKE batteries are in the key handle with the buttons.

I have a 2009 Challenger, which is a similar car to the 300.

I’ve had more trouble with the keys (fobs) than any other vehicle I’ve ever had. I’ve experienced the exact same issues as you. Brand new fobs can be programmed to the car, but won’t fully function. In fact, I have 1 fob that will start the car, but not unlock the car or open the trunk. And I have another fob that won’t start the car, but will open the trunk/door locks. And then I have a 3rd fob that will do everything. I’ve been to the locksmith several times and have just become content with having the one “do it all” fob.

You have my sympathies. I miss just plain ol’ metal keys.

If this is your key, there are 2 parts to it that need programmed.
The transponder and the fob.
If you just program the fob, it will open doors.
If you just program transponder, it will only start car.

Do you think that the dealership will be able to do this ?

If you are talking about a used vehicle dealership probably not. A new vehicle dealership can answer that if you call them . But be prepared to pay a diagnostic fee plus new parts and labor. Be sure to tell them you will want to approve the repair before they do it.

A Chrysler dealership should be able to program the key/fob. You might have to bring the title and registration with you

Program a new key? No problem but there will be a 1/2 hour fee for the service.

A telephone receptionist can only make an appointment, they are not educated as to the security systems in these vehicles.

If they are genuine Chrysler keys, yes.
If they were bought from some ebay seller or auto parts store, maybe.

I had to go to the dealer to get a new key for my Honda. I paid twice as much as I would have paid a locksmith, but I was on a tight time schedule.

So yeah, I’m sure the dealer can help you out with the key. But be prepared to pay a premium for it.

Isn’t that better than having keys that don’t work?

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Fair enough.

My point being that if you don’t need the key/keys in a hurry, the locksmith may be significantly cheaper than the dealer.

I try and avoid going to the dealer, myself, but I’ll admit sometimes they are the best option. Depends on your situation. In my case, I’m not convinced that paying a premium to have the dealer provide and program a new key fob for me is going to make any difference. So I make do. Just sharing my experiences.