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Problems with the forum?

Anyone else getting this?

Yes, that darling has been appearing often :-{(.

What I find interesting, is that when it appears on this site, it also appears on the main site.

Hmmm…there’s a link there, I’m sure.

That suggests that is hosting the chat portion of this site. Doing things on the cheap is rarely cheap. There are so many other directions (ok, two or three) they could have gone with this project. Anyone else getting a ghostly “405 not allowed”?

You have to be an old fan of Saturday Night Live to get this, but the new message board is not Scottish.

I get that 405 message. I’m sure it’s got something to do with whatever I do with the keyboard. Haven’t figure out what, though.

Grew up in Europe…almost never got to see SNL.

The board crashed for most of Saturday…Too many slackers trying to log on…

spammers, not slackers I guess

Yeah, but it wasn’t actually this board. It was the board that was having issues, but since this one pulls some info from that one…so not great. I actually checked a few other Vanilla boards, and it seems like they were all down.

So, here’s a question for general discussion:

Why did my post saying it was not my experience that the board was down for most of Saturday get removed? Was it offensive in some way?

Didn’t see that one…saw you comment in this thread though. Caddyman said it was down most of “the day”.

“Why did my post saying it was not my experience that the board was down for most of Saturday get removed? Was it offensive in some way?”

You posted a response in the thread about the dumb guy in blue in the Repair and Maintenance forum and it’s still there. Is that the post you mean?

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to post a question! There is not a link nor a heading for Post your question here anywhere that I can find. Help!

My bad on removed post.

Clevelandgrl, look for a button with no visible text. That’s the Post Question button.

Google “not Scottish”.

Smooth, piter, very smooth.

It appears the Ask a Question button has been fixed, at least in my environment.

We did receive word from Vanilla that their host experienced an outage over the weekend, which in turn knocked out one of their servers, which led to the problems for our boards. Sorry about that. In the future, we’re aiming to replace the fella in blue, too.

Also, yes, the Ask a Question button was on the most recent round of fixes, so I’m happy to hear the feedback that it is appearing correctly for you.

Pass on my thanks for fixing the button, getting the “Attach a file” link back, and for also fixing the SEARCH box! As far as I can tell, this is shaping up nicely.

Still need to work on reformatting the initial post box to request Year, Make, Model, Engine, auto/manual transmission. I think you already said that was on your list, though.


Reading the “Problems with the forum?” thread, I signed in so that I could see the new “Attach a file” mechanism. I then navigated back a page and was surprised to see “sign in” at the top-right of the page. Confused, I paged forward again, I found “sign out” at the top of the page. This is not WYSIWYG, but NYSI,NYD.

Also, my preference would be to have “keep me signed in” unchecked as the default. (I’m old, paranoid, and have a superstitious belief that my being signed in lets people reach through to my PC and steal things.)

Yes, the make/model/year drop-down menus are on the longer-range list of items to implement, but I’m told by my overlackeys that there are some particular programming kinks that prevent this from being easily created. The tagging feature is due to be turned on soon, which is a small step. But we need something to shoot for, right?

skomjathy, I’m not sure why you’d have that experience with the NYSI, NYD signed in/out pages. As for your privacy and security concerns, maybe it’s worth logging out each time you leave, and clearing any cookies that might have been left over in your browser.