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Problems with starting

I have a 1994 Chevrolet caprice, which was running excellently until lately. I had replaced an o2 sensor and the check engine light was flagged from it. So I tried to take the battery out for a day, and when I put the battery back in, the car wouldn’t start, it would just click once and not turn over. So I checked all of my connections, made sure the battery was fully charged, tried jump starting, and still nothing. I then replaced the starter, and now the car won’t even click when i turn the key. The battery is fairly new, the starter is brand new. I can hear the fuel pump kick on when i turn the key, and it is also fairly new. I cleaned off all the terminals and made sure they were making good connections, and still i am getting nothing. Is there something that I am missing???

Put a volt meter to the system. Put the leads across the battery take a reading. Now turn the key what is the volt reading. If the voltage drops below 9 volts recharge the battery and have its capacity measured. If both are around ~12 volts move the postive lead to the big terminal on the starter and negative lead to the engine block. If the voltages are still the same and around 12 volts, you have a problem with the ignition switch or starter relay (if you have one). If the voltage drops at the starter on key turn, work back up the positive and negative chains until you don’t see the drop. The last component spanned to good voltage is the defective component.

Give us the results of these tests and we can steer you further.