Need a wzard for '95 Olds 88

This beast has been descibed here often in the last few weeks - but here is the whole scenario. Car was starting and running fine until it one day wouldn’t turn over at all. Jumped the battery - nada. Put a battery in that we knew was good - also nada. Took both batteries in to a parts place for a hot charge and were told neither was holding a charge. bought new battery and got a clicking sound for a bit - then nothing. Got a new starter on advice from many sources - still nothing. Then, after a desperate last try…the engine began to turn over! It did this on several tries, but would not fully engage. Another try - and back to nothing again. That’s where we are now. The lights and accessories all work, but, oddly, the fuel indicator has mysteriously come to rest well left of the full mark. It goes to a proper reading when the key is on. Also, when the engine was cranking, the positive bolt on the battery got very hot. The only thing troubling this car before was a year ago when the tranny was sticking in high gear. A mechanic acquaintence disconnected the sensor, and that problem disappeared. So…this is the whole sad story. We don’t know where to go from here. We’re thinking ignition sensor - fuel line - cam shaft??? Truth is we’re basically ignorant and are doing our best. Eternally grateful for any insights.

Sounds like you have a short someplace. Ignition switch or relay.

Have you disconnected, cleaned, and reconnected the battery cables? You may have a simple corroded connection.

If so, and you have full voltage at the battery terminals, then your starter assembly is toast. It could be fried contacts where the solenoid completes the starter circuit when energized (high probability) or even bad commutator brushes or even windings (low probability).

The clicking you hear is the solenoid. But if the aforementioned contacts are bad or the motor is bad, starting will be intermittant at best.

Starting an engine takes a lot of juice. Current flow heats up terminals…especially of they have high resistance from corrosion. When you put the new battery in did you clean the connections thoroughly?