4.3 vortec Single click at crank new! .. Fuel pump, filter, spider, cap, rotor, coil, battery, icm, starter, air temp sensor, ect. Ect

Really need some help here

Battery is most likely. Next is starter, next is starter relay, next is ignition switch. Although I think the click can rule out the ignition switch, possibly the relay.

Try a jump start to test the battery, or have it tested.

If it’s not cranking, then you can rule out the other items on your list.


So charged battery… No change. Jumped it…no change. Pulled starter hit key starter spun. Stayed on key and starter began lacking power fairly quickly so taking back starter and having them bench test new one first. Tried turning motor manually cant do it from crank bolt but can do it from flywheel… Although not easy. So not ceased. Been sitting so gonna change oil while uner there. Ran like a champ the other day ran it got gas parked it let it run. All was good. Shut it off Put the doghouse back on. Next morning it started the single click / periodic slow whoon. Replaced starter with the one im now taking back. Im confused… Its not pretty but i got good bit of money and sentimental value in her and wanna get her back in shape.

did you check the battery cables? take off the connections and clean them. Also look at the other ends.

A voltmeter can track the problem if you get it to the state where it only clicks. Check the battery voltage, and then at other points between there and the starter terminals. Has to be >10 volts to run the starter.

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This is probably the most common problem reported here, so you are not alone. There are various tests that can be done to figure out why it is happening, but if you just want it cranking ok again, 9 times out of 10 if you replace the battery and starter motor, the problem will be solved.

Side terminal battery, correct? These are notorious for corrosion at the terminals, and under the the insulation at the battery cable ends. Also check the other end of the negative battery cable. The connection to the engine block has to be clean and tight.

As i said in my previous comments i have New battery. Clean connection. Gonna put multimeter on starter connections while Replacing starter for second time tomorrow

Based on the difficulty turning the engine I’m going out on a limb here. The engine is damaged internally. Not seized but maybe a spun bearing. This is an Astro, not built for, what, 15+ years so this old girl has LOTS of miles on her. You should be almost able to turn the engine with your hand on the front pulley.

Check the cables but if that second starter acts like the first, I think you have an internal engine problem.

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Ok…so today changed starter. Checked amps. All good. So before even trying to crank i drain oil… Takes 5 qt 4.5 motor 0.5 filter. So i get over 3 gallons !!! Of Damn near all gas… So as i said just replaced fuel spider and fuel pump at 60 psi ( gm called for it on w code ) pulled intake manifold off again …low and behold clip gave (knew i didnt like the hold at the start) bottom of intake looked like a pool… Pulled spider and reseated lines. All good under pressure except slight leak from plastic in line to spider. Replacing them and gasket after work tomorrow but motor is turnig over which gives me hope. Hydroloc is my guess

No experience w/that particular spider ass’y, but I had a problem w/my VW Rabbit years ago where my fuel injection system testing inadvertently flooded the cylinders with gasoline. Would crank ok. But wouldn’t start. Towed it to shop. To get it to start the shop had to remove the spark plugs, crank the engine a few seconds to expel as much gas as possible out the spark plug holes (proper gasoline safety precautions), then and let the gas in the cylinders evaporate a day or two before reinstalling the spark plugs.