Problems with Dodge Intrepid Sport


I have a 1997 Dodge Intrepid Sport. It runs great (sometimes) I have recently replaced the fuel pump and starter. However it will either just stop and I have to wait at least an hour before it will start or it will decided not to start and again have to wait at least an hour. Any Ideas. The mechanics say I have to bring it in when it is doing it. Well when it does it I cant drive it!


Carry a spare spark plug and a can of ether. When the engine will not start, pull on of the spark plug cables, insert the spare spark plug, lay the plug on something metal and grounded, crank the engine, and see if you have spark. If you have spark, squirt a shot of ether into the throttle body and see if the engine tries to start. With the results from this test you can steer the mechanic toward your problem. He might be able to give you more specific trouble shooting tips to narrow problem even further.

Hope that helps. Get back to us when you get this problem cured.


My guess is the coil(s). They can become heat sensitive. Follow Researcher’s advice as they will help determine the problem.


Well is is now the end of May. The car ran really good for most of the month. Then it started shutting down again after 15 miles of driving. very frustrating. Yesterday it only ran for 5 miles then shut down. We were able to get it to the garage before it decided to start again. It was the Cam Sensor. Only a $50 part and 40 in labor. God was smiling on me today!! Thanks


I am very happy that your car problems have sorted themselves out, some advice get in the habit of knowing the difference between “my car wont start” and my engine doesnt turn over really helps with the diag.I know you said you were driving it and it stopped but the symptons after thay were unclear. Giving a mechanic a good description of the concern will save you money