95 Dodge Intrepid ES will not start

Hi, I have a 95 Dodge Intrepid ES with 78000 mi. it has a 3.5L V6 engine. One morning the car would not start so I checked for spark which was weak or non-existent so I changed the spark plugs and wires but I still can’t start the car. I did smell gas on the plugs, does that mean the fuel system is ok? Any help?

Well since no one replied , I did the next best thing and towed it to a local mechanic. He checked out the electrical system (secondary) and felt it was ok. Next he removed the timing belt cover,which revealed that the water pump was begining to leak.No water drips when I checked underneath the engine. After he removed the pump,he showed me how difficult it was to turn. The water pump was about to seize completely. The timing belt had skipped a couple of teeth on the crank and and three teeth on the cam shaft so I had the belt replaced along with the pump. I guess I was lucky that the belt didn’t snap, that would have killed the engine. So $650 later I have a running Intepid , until something else breaks that is.