94 Intrepid 3.3 random no start/die under load

Last weekend, the car wouldn’t start after sitting for a few hours. After about 20 minutes it finally started. It has started and ran fine up until today. Same thing, it was parked for a while and wouldn’t start. Then it did start, ran horribly, then died when it was put into gear. Then it started and ran just fine, my friend moved the car, parked it and turned it off and of course it wouldn’t start after that.

I’ve done a lot of work to this car myself, including entire tune up, fuel filter, cam AND crank sensors (notorious problems on these cars), ignition switch, oxygen sensors, several other things in the past year or so. My only hunch is that it might be the auto shut down relay, but I’m not with the car so I can’t test that. We had fuel pressure at the test port the first time this happened, so I wasn’t really thinking it could be a fuel pump issue, but with over 210,000 miles anything is possible. Does anyone else have any suggestions before I get home and take a look at it? Also, it sometimes dies when the car comes to a stop with the A/C on…but this doesn’t happen very often.

Just had her swap the auto shut down relay and the fuel pump relay with known good ones and the car still starts but immediately dies.

Any kind of anti-theft system on the car?

Will it stay running if you put your foot lightly on the gas as you start it?

Did you check the fuel pressure. Squirt a little starter fluid in the intake when it dies. If it runs for a few seconds then it’s fuel. If it doesn’t the it’s ignition.